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  • Sterling Silver Curb Chain 1.3mm Adjustable up to 24"

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    Amazing price on this delicate 1.3mm wide, full sterling silver adjustable chain. Perfect for shows. Fits any customer to a Tee.

    This sterling silver diamond-cut curb chain features a movable silicone-lined bead that allows you to adjust the chain length to any length up to 24" (maximum).


    The end of the chain is finished with a stampable heart charm. A curb chain starts as a cable design, then has its links twisted so they lie flat; the twist gives the links a slightly interlocked look that adds dimension to the chain profile. Diamond-cut versions have facets precision-cut into the links with diamond-tipped tools. The facets are then polished to enhance the light-reflecting properties of the link surfaces. This chain is plated with fine silver to ensure a bright white color and to help protect against tarnish.

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