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    ProtectaClear, top coat for your metal clay 1 & 4 oz Jars, lacquer


    ProtectaClear for High Touch Metal Protection

    • Crystal Clear Coating - Practically invisible on polished metals.
    • Keeps metal looking freshly polished.
    • Protects metal from tarnish, salt damage & rust
    • Help Stop fingerprints, smudges & scratches
    • Formulated for clarity & hardness
    • Excellent adhesion even mirror polished metals.
    • Easy to Apply. Dip, brush or wipe on.
    • Self-leveling so brush marks disappear.

    ProtectaClear 4 oz. can will seal & protect polished metal or stainless steel to prevent tarnish & protect the finish. Seal & Protect metal such as copper, brass, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum, wheels, door handles, grills, sinks, & more. ProtectaClear has a tough & durable finish that is practically invisible & provides outstanding protection.

    Download instructions here 

    For Aerosol spray see here 

    “IMPORTANT! Under normal circumstances & with good ventilation, the coating will be fully cured after 4-5 days. The coating will be delicate until it is fully cured. Coating MUST be cured before wrapping, packing, wearing, etc.

     You can shorten cure time by gently heating your jewelry AFTER it is dry to the touch (at least 2 hours after applying). Put dry, coated items on a foil-lined cookie sheet or hang in a low temperature oven (180°F) for 1 hour. (This will NOT affect future use of your oven.)”

     After 4 or 5 days the coating should be air cured if it was not baked.


    It also creates a hypo-allergenic barrier between your base metal creations and your customers skin. Enviornmentally friendly, nice hard top. It is semi gloss, so just the slightest bit of sheen.  

    The coating as nearly invisible once cured

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