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  • Nesmen Moldavite Pieces - Variety Chunks Less Then 4 grams

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    Genuine moldavite crystals from Czech Republic, Nesmen. These appear more green in real life, as the colour shifts depending on the lighting. The price is for one piece.

    We recommend you set the crystal after firing you piece to avoid any breakage or colour shift. 

    Moldavite is an olive-green or dull greenish substance formed by a meteorite impact. The total amount of Moldavite scattered around the world is estimated at 275 tons. There are now only four moldavite mines that are in full operation in the Czech Republic. It is predicted that in less than ten years from now commercial Moldavite mining will come to an end. After this time, there will be virtually no appreciable amount of gem-grade Moldavite left in the ground….

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