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    ClayMill - Large extruder

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    Featured in Metal Clay Practice  by Hadar Jacobson.
    Developed with Hadar Jacobson, The ClayMill is designed to allow the artist to extrude clay in a larger format than previously possible, to maximize production (many items can be made from one extrusion), and to expand creative design possibilities.


    The ClayMill can be used with many types of clays, including precious and base metal, polymer, ceramic, and porcelain clays.

    ClayMill's exclusive floating plunger system minimizes waste and makes it a breeze to clean and maintain!

    The ClayMill is made of ultra-durable PVC and steel with an anodized aluminum outer ring. Clay is only exposed to PVC and stainless steel during normal operation. This two-inch diameter extruder does it all ? from simple three-dimensional forms to large, complex patterns.

    Comes complete with the four stainless steel dies shown, instructions, and a sample project by Hadar Jacobson.

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