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  • Bezel Cup Fine Silver, Round Shape - Various Sizes


    Fine silver embeddable cups. Embed these cups into your fine silver metal clay and set your stone in after firing.

    Why use bezel cups? They are fine silver to match your pre-existing piece and allow you to fire them in place to add your favourite non-fireable flat back gems.

    What if my stone is a little too big to fit? Simply grip your stone between your thumb and middle finger. Gently rub the sides of your stone on 180 to 400 grit (depending on the hardness of the stone). Lay a long piece of string over the bezel cup and place your stone into the cup to test the fit. Hold both ends of string and pull up to dislodge the stone from the bezel. Continue to sand till it fits.

    Alternatively using a 1/2 round you can lightly sand the inside wall of the bezel cup

    Various sizes available. Quantity and price varies depending on size.

    Note: If you have some stones that won't fit in the 3mm cups we recommend ordering the 3.25mm cups. 

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