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    The syringe is a wonderful form of metal clay. It can be used to fill holes in your metal clay piece, and secure gemstones, glass or other fireable objects to your metal clay piece. Create stunning filigree like work with different tip sizes.

    3-tip AC 10gr: A 10 gram syringe of Art Clay Silver with 3 different size tips included.

    1-tip AC 10gr: A 10 gram syringe with one 18 gauge tip included.

    Refill AC 10gr: A 10 gram syringe with no tips included.

    Refill AC 5gr: A 5 gram syringe with no tips included.

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    Art Clay Silver 650/1200 Syringe consists of pure silver particles, a binding agent, and water. The binding agent is produced from harmless pulp fiber. During firing, the pure silver particles solidify. The binding agent consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen resulting in the release of harmless carbon dioxide and steam during firing. This product is low-fire clay that can be fired at 650 C/1200 F and is pure silver (99.9%) after firing. The special formula of this product allows for combination with glass, porcelain and ceramic materials, and also suitable for firing with sterling silver findings or wires (SV925 and higher quality recommended with a firing temperature of 650 C/1200 F, with a recommended holding time of 30 minutes). Do not fire a soldered piece with 650/1200 Syringe as the soldering temperature is lower than the firing temperature. [Instructions] This product is water-based and can dry up. Always keep the syringe tightly capped. By using syringe type clay, you can draw designs directly onto pieces (clay type or paste type) and create subtle patterns which were formerly difficult to produce with conventional materials. The piece should only be fired after it is completely dry. Attach the nozzle firmly onto the tip of the syringe; otherwise, the nozzle may come off when extruding clay. The tip of the nozzle is delicate, do not bend, squeeze, or press it against a hard surface. After use replace the protective cap. Wrap the nozzle with a wet tissue or gauze to avoid drying. After use, remember to completely clean out any remaining clay from the nozzle (Recommendation: use an empty syringe filled with water). Some kilns display a different temperature from the actual inside temperature. It is known that silver will melt at 961 C/1763 F. It is recommended that your kiln firing temperature does not exceed 900 C/1652 F. You may combine 650/1200 Syringe with the original silver clay series (clay, paste and syringe types), but the firing condition should be the same as the original clay series. You may combine 650/1200 Syringe with other 650/1200 series products (i.e. clay, paste and syringe types). Do not bend any fired piece with unreasonable pressure. Keep the clay indoors, out of direct sunlight, and do not store in a refrigerator. For best results use clay as soon as possible after opening the package.

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