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    Accent Blue Gold™ is a unique precious material offered by Jewelry Material Innovations, Inc. (JMI) for adding accents to all types of fine jewelry. Accent Blue Gold™ is finding expanding applications in jewelry settings as artists develop new ways to use it to accent their designs. Accent Blue Gold™ is a solid 11K intermetallic compound comprised of pure 24K gold combined with other metals. Its color is natural and permanent - it is not the result of any type of surface coloration, such as dyeing, oxidation, or application of a chemical coating. Although Accent Blue Gold™ is difficult to cast, stamp, and roll because of its brittle nature, it offers creative possibilities in the form of flakes and larger pieces. JMI offers Accent Blue Gold™ in different sizes, each of which reflects a rich pale blue light from the individual facets of each particle. It is recommended that Accent Blue Gold™ be inlaid into recessed regions of jewelry designs so that the sides of the recessed region provide protection against abrasion.

    Regarding attachment of Accent Blue Gold™ to jewelry settings, it cannot withstand the high firing temperatures of glass enamels that can be used to attach other types of JMI Accents. Two methods for attaching Accent Blue Gold™ to jewelry settings are described in the information sheet, “Instructions for Attaching Mineral Accents to Silver Clay Settings.” (Refer to the link to the information sheet above.) Of course, Accent Blue Gold™ can be applied to sterling silver as well as fine silver settings.

    Whether you use Accent Blue Gold™ on fine silver, sterling silver, or yellow gold jewelry, this unique material will challenge your artistic imagination and provide you with a distinctive medium with which to set your jewelry apart from the norm. Have fun exploring creative ways to use Accent Blue Gold™ in your jewelry designs

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