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Canadian Family .... Canadian Company

Canadian Family .... Canadian Company

While we are physically located in Edmonton, Alberta that doesn't mean we don't cater to Central and Eastern Canada. Metal Clay Alchemist is owed and operated by a Canadian, born and raised family (my daughters are sometimes unwilling participants).While, I, Carrie Steele may not understand all the political strive sometimes portrayed in the media between East and West, I strongly believe we are better off together than apart. I've been an artist often struggling to make a living in a "Red Neck" province for over 30 years. No offence to Albertans, but I never really seem to fit in here. I love my province and my family is here; however My best metal clay colleagues and friends live in other provinces. I started this business because I fell in love with metal clay over 15 years ago.

Being the sole provider for my two daughters, I didn't have the luxury to just focus on creating... so I've worked on introducing others to this awesome material and to provide metal clay artists in Canada a one stop shopping experience. Please utilize us, We ship your items free of charge for over 175$. Likewise we offer preferred, designer and certified discounts. Don't look at the price and go wow thats high, some of our discounts are up to 30% off the displayed price. But these prices should go to those who have volume. Since we buy in volume we absorb many of the duties, taxes and shipping that you would incur shopping across the border.

Sourcing products has been very time consuming.

  • Trying to find the best tools while tempering price vs value.
  • Offering a few options to the same tool.
  • Testing and making sure the lab created stones hold their  
  • Offering solutions to the growing metal clay community. 

Many of these tools have lead me to have vendors from a variety of industries such as: beauty, pet supply, dental, special effects. If you saw my vendor list it would definitely give you a chuckle. 

I know we should have more content on our site, but I just feel there is so much out there already. Expanding on this site would mean I need to hire people. I would value any input you would like to give whether you are a customer or not.Currently, I'm at another crossroads where I go harder into the business and hire more staff or pull back and let you all shop across the border for tools and materials, etc. 

I'll always be a part of metal clay as it has the most amazing people in it.

You may post your comments here or email me directly


    • Donna Gomes

      You guys are the only store I buy metal clay and tools and supplies from as I prefer Canadian suppliers, especially small businesses, whenever possible. The only thing I buy and look for in other places are molds and textures, which I pick up wherever I find them, although I certainly buy plenty of those from you guys too! Your service is excellent- shipping is fast and you're quick to respond to emails and questions. In short- I'm happy to continue using you as my metal clay supplier and I will continue to do so as long as you're open. As for expansion- I'm always happy with more options, especially with new textures and molds, but I'm very happy with your tool selection. To me the biggest downside you will face if you downsize is that you risk people regularly going elsewhere. I like to buy as much as I can from one vendor to save on shipping and I would think others would too. So if you carry a really limited stock you might have people who need a particular tool or supply buying everything (including what you do carry) elsewhere. So my vote would be staying as you are now or expanding!

    • Maureen Johnson

      I have hugely benefited from your services as instructor, mentor and supplier of product. I hope you keep on.

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