Canadian Dollar

Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar has slipped from 1.32 to 1.4 in the past two weeks. I had not noticed until I looked yesterday. I didn't want to fully put it up to the 1.4 rate (which is still cheaper than if you bought in the US and used your credit card).  I have put the rate on the site to 1.37 which is better than the bank of Canada rate. If you want to shop compare with companies in the US please go to the top of our website and put our store in US dollar mode. 

Remember we offer free next day shipping on orders over 175 Cad and 135 US. Plus we give a free gift for every order. If you feel your order will fit in lettermail, simply start a cart email us and we can offer you shipping for $5 cad. 

Hope this helps and from my family to yours, Stay safe and healthy.


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