Great Designs start with a Template

Great Designs start with a Template

Templates can assist you in many ways. From using them to help you design visually to actually cutting out clay directly from the template. Keep consistency when creating multiple runs of a design. Multiple size for a shape allows for jewellery set creation, pendant in large size, necklace in a smaller size, earrings in the medium or small size. The potentials are endless, therefore a good selection of templates is invaluable. 

Our templates are made of hard durable plastic which makes it easier to use then some of the flimsy templates out on the market. These will stay in place when you use them allowing you to  Design on paper first by drawing out the shape. Great techniques to use when you want to layer multiple shapes or see shapes together as they would appear on a bracelet or necklace. Visualize your pieces before actually putting it to clay.

Furthermore, The templates can then be put directly on the metal clay. Roll out your clay to desired thickness. Then perhaps roll in a texture. Position your template over your clay to the orientation. Lay down template and using the ultra clay pic, cut the inside of the template. Remove template and excess clay. Allow piece to dry naturally or on a clay/candle warmer. You can use a variety of light bulbs to dry your pieces on to get cool curves. After drying refine as normal. 

Thinking of teaching a basic class? Templates allow you to let your students have some creative control over their project by picking the outer shape. My intro class is to have them do a textured pendant and matching earrings, using one outer shape. 

Keep your templates clean and you can use them across base metal clays, silver clays, polymer, kiln clay and more. 


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