Using Lump gold as accent gold

 Using Lump gold as accent gold

When you purchase PMC 22K Gold lump clay you are making an investment.  Three grams is a very small package so you'll want to make it last.

PMC gold metal clay makes the perfect paste. It’s great for adding small gold accents to fine silver pieces in an easy and economical format. Purchasing the PMC gold in lump form works exceptionally well although you can also use Accent Gold for Silver which is in powder form. 
In a clean, small, airtight container place your lump gold PMC and add enough distilled water to make a paste. This should be thin enough to flow like paint but not too thin that it runs off. Just add a few drops at a time to avoid over saturating and making the paste too thin. 
Next, you’ll paint 2 thin coats onto your dry, green ware fine silver piece. Make sure you add even coats and dry thoroughly between applications to avoid flaking when firing. Save, don’t rinse, your brush as you can reclaim the gold from the bristles later. 
Fire according to the fine silver instructions of the clay you are using. This is usually 1650°F for two hours. 
After firing, your gold application should look pale yellow. 
*Do not brush it yet* 
Add two more layers of gold.  Again thin layers, drying between applications. 
Now you can simply torch fire your piece until the gold turns an orange color.  Hold for a couple minutes. 
As soon as you turn off the torch, you’ll want to secure the piece with your third hand tool so you can burnish thoroughly.  Beware as obviously it’s still super hot. 
Burnish well, being sure to touch all the areas you’ve applied gold to. 
Finally you can finish your piece in your usual way:  brass brush, tumble, etc.

Although PMC 22K Gold isn't strong enough to use on it's own as a ring shank, you can use it to add gold accents like granulation, flowers, leaves, nail art moulds, etc to other fine silver pieces.

PMC 22K Gold  doesn't want to make a firm attachment to fine silver using just fine silver paste.  I've tried it only to have my gold flowers pop off in the tumbler.  

To attach  PMC 22K Gold to fine silver you'll want to make a 50/50 paste.  Obviously you'll want to make as little as possible because gold is so dear.  By mixing the two clays together you create a stronger bond on your dry to dry connection.

If you have a gold accent fall off like I did, you can make the 50/50 paste and add a little bit of Sherri Haab's pastemaker to help make a stronger connection.  Dry and refire according to the clays firing instructions.

RW Mac
With thanks to the late Lynn Cobb for her assistance

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