1. New Gemstones for your metal clay Creations

1. New Gemstones for your metal clay Creations

We are slowly adding more and more gemstones to the site, along with pictures.

Many of the new ones are non-fireable, so they would require you to make a bezel OR just purchase our ready made bezel cups. They range from 3mm to 10mm (button size)

Some of the new NON-fireable NATURAL stones are

  • Citron - brilliant translucent lemon colour
  • smoky quartz - shimmering translucent grey
  • Chalcedony in red/orange, blue, aqua and green
  • Rose quartz - milky pink 
  • Amazonite - lovely tiger amazonite
  • Matrix Turquoise

I hope you like the stones as much as I do. Also if you are looking for any particular stone whether manmade or natural. Reply to this blog and we will see what we can do. Also we can accommodate special orders of 25 or more stones. 

Happy claying

Carrie Steele

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