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Aussie Metal Clay - ORIGAMI FLEX Clay is the first of its kind in lump form enabling you to roll out to the size you desire to work with.


New sculpting clay formula has just enough flex to allow you to sculpt easier. Along with all the other benefits you have come to know from Aussie Clays, if you enjoy sculpting & designing/etching on the cutting machines Im sure you will enjoy trying this new Sculpting Clay. And many more benefits to explore!


Stone setting bur, use in dry greenware, drill in set stone 


Use this in your greenware to make a little pilot hole in your metal clay then set the stone in.


A classic is back for a limited time! PMC®, the silver clay that started it all, has brought back a new and improved formula of the popular original silver PMC: PMC Classic™. This package contains 31.1g of metal.


One fire clays, 1 jar of dark champagne 50 gr, 1 jar of flex copper 50 gr and 1 jar copper clay 50 gr Reg price 54 US or 71.28 Cad


This found collection of one-fire clays are 1 jar 50 gr champagne bronze, 1 jar white satin 50 gr and 1 jar brilliant Bronze 100 gr. Reg price 72 US or 95 Cad


This collection is 1 Jar of pearl grey quick fire 25 gr, 1 jar qf white bronze 50 gr, 1 jar of quick fire copper. Reg price $54 US or $71.43 cad


Found stash of Hadar clay. This is for 1 jar of bronze trad flex 25 gr, 1 trad flex copper 25 gr & 1 jar of pearl grey traditional flex 12.5 gr. Reg. cost is 20 US or 26 Cad.


Found stash of Hadar clay 2 x 100 gram bottles of bronze XT (total 200 gr)- Reg price 72 US or 93 Cad. For firing instructions please visit Hadar's Blog


150 grams of rose bronze, Hadar clay. Reg. price 41 US or 54.12 cad visit Hadar's blog for firing instructions


200 grams of traditional flex brilliant bronze. Clearing out the stash. Reg. 72 US for all or 95 Cad


1 Jar friendly 25 gr copper, 1 jar friendly 50 gr copper, 1 jar friendly med. bronze 25 gr & 1 jar champagne bronze 50 gr.  Reg. price is 38 US or 48 cad For firing instructions visit Hadar's blog


Our needle files work wonderfully for a variety of jewelry making applications. They can be used to file rough edges on metal beads and findings, or even to shape and detail polymer clay & PMC before and after firing.


Found inventory clearance Reg. 35$ US or 45 Cad  For firing instructions visit Hadar's blog


Awesome set of 5 carving knives. Use these for intricate carving with all metal clays. Absolutely amazing for fine detail. Kim Booklass used this set to carve this beautiful metal clay pendant.


Made from Australian Base Metals my Aussie Metal Clay TM ~ PREMIUM Aussie Snow White Copper is a stunning colour once fired and polished. PLEASE note this product contains Nickel.

US$13.72 US$17.15 -20%

(Item # A-350) Art Clay Silver Paper Type Plus (35g) 85x85x0.6mm.This sturdy new formula of Art Clay Paper is 2.5 times thicker than original Paper Type, while retaining its softness and flexibility. Paper Type Plus is perfect for Origami, with the ability to score along fold lines for crisp, pristine edges and corners that won’t crack or break. 

Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items