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Plastic underlay worksurface. Black rigid surface used as cutting and rolling surface. (7" X 9.75")

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Use a candle warmer with a piece of teflon on it. Set wet, or damp art clay pieces on the candle warmer to dry them quickly. These are handy and every metal clay artist should have one.

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Keep all of your metal clay moist and workable for months-on-end. Keep your clay in a Cool Tools Clay Hydrator during the design process to make sure it doesn't dry out.

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Large Clay Keeper for larger sizes of clay that you aren't using. 2-1/2" dia. x 1-1/2".

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Great little glass clay keeper to use when you have left over clay. 1-7/8" dia. x 1" deep

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Clay Shaper Set (Size 0) - This set includes 5 different rubber tipped clay shaping tools. These tools can be used with wet Art Clay, BRONZclay, and COPPRclay. They can also be used with polymer clay

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Cool frames in various thicknesses. The frames are nice because you don't have to move the clay around, you can just move your roller around. No fear of slipping of a slat set or a stack of cards. Please note your 5 frames do NOT include roller. Outside dimensions are 4" x 7"

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Great for rolling out art clay silver and/or polymer clay. 5.5" long.

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This is the deluxe roller with handle. The roller is approx. 4 inches long. Handle makes rolling easy and smooth.

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A better craft knife with 6 interchangeable blades all for the same price as we had before.

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Half moon clay cutter/shaper

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Fine mist spray bottle - blue - 2 oz The perfect sized mister to get just the right amount of moisture on your metal clay. Extra fine mist for even distribution of water.


NOW reduced by 3.00 Perfect shaper and tool used to fill divets and cracks. Smallest size available.


Little bit larger than size zero, great for bronze and copper clays


Foamies are great for quickly smoothing out rough edges of all metal clay.

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Graduated Slat Set (6"L x 1"W)- This set contains one pair of six different gauge plastic slats. Now you can roll our your clay to the desired thickness without a second guess. Slat thicknesses include: Black - 0.01" (0.25mm) Yellow - 0.02" (0.50mm) Green - 0.03" (0.75mm) Blue - 0.04" (1.00mm) Red - 0.06" (1.50mm) Purple - 0.08" (2.00mm)


Spend less time sanding! These easy to use healing sticks makes cleaning up rough edges on your dry metal clay a breeze. Use a small amount of water to quickly fill in small cracks and remove excess clay. Angled tip works great in small spots.


Awesome wax carving kit. 10 piece. Works amazing on metal clay. 


Magnifier, 3-in-1 VELCRO® headband, plastic / acrylic / steel, black and clear, 3-1/2 x 1-1/8 inch dual acrylic lenses and 1-1/8 inch movable loupe. Sold individually.


The Rio PMC® work surface features a quick-reference firing chart and rulers, grids, lines and arcs to help you lay out your PMC® work. Constructed of durable PVC.


Our needle files work wonderfully for a variety of jewelry making applications. They can be used to file rough edges on metal beads and findings, or even to shape and detail polymer clay & PMC before and after firing.

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A must for keeping your project from sticking to your work surface. Single Sheet. Size is 6" x 6". Great for larger projects.

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Non-Stick Reusable Work Surface - 5 Piece each 4x4 inch. Perfect for working with multiple projects

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A must for keeping your project from sticking to your work surface. Single Sheet. Size is 4" x 4"

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