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Art Clay Copper can be torch fired or fired in a traditional kiln

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Use this patina to create striking, high-contrast effects. It patina enhances the colors associated with aged copper and produces black on other base metals. Large 4 oz bottle. **Must be shipped via ground shipping

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This coconut carbon is successful with ALL base metal clays. We have imported it for the success of the Canadian Metal Clay Artists. This is lots of carbon :) All discounts apply! For Coal Carbon click here

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Copper Clay provides an incredible artistic range. And, because it is Copper, it is also so economical that you can use it for large pieces, even sculptures, very affordably

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Copper clay in 200 gram pack. Metal Adventures Copprclay has consistent results and is a one-fire base metal clay. *Please note you need a kiln to fire this clay.

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30 grams of copper clay, perfect for when you just want to focus on a couple of projects OR for use in teaching. Priced at the 10+ pricing.


This mold is for easily creating hollow round base beads in any metal clay.Fits popular heirloom bracelets like Pandora™


Made from Australian Base Metals my Aussie Metal Clay TM ~ PREMIUM Aussie Snow White Copper is a stunning colour once fired and polished. PLEASE note this product contains Nickel.


Add some drops of super flex to lump or powder to get a nice flexible clay that can be bent, carved or formed into any shape. 


Offering an exciting new addition to your metal clay palette, WHITE COPPRclay™ presents a silvery-gray color after firing that can be oxidized, textured or highly polished to a bright shine. Like other metal clays, WHITE COPPRclay provides an incredible artistic range.

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The latest copper from Metal Adventures, white copper clay. Price is for 1 package 200 gr . Pricing is done on the 10 pack pricing. 

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White copper 100 gram, Priced at the 10 pack pricing :) Priced for you to give it a try.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items