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Great intro kiln especially if you are not keen on torch firing. Comes with spatula, and lid cover. Best to get a temperature regulator and metal clay firing disks.  The UltraLite Beehive Kiln is an easy, safe and fun kiln to fire PMC+ Silver, PMC3 Silver, PMC 22K, EZ960, Gold and Art Clay 650 Silver Products


Three ceramic disks for use as shelves in either the beehive or studio kiln.


7” High Temperature Rubber Pad for use under the kiln it protects your tabletop and stabilize your kiln when burnishing. Comes with the studio kiln


Specially designed Red Brass Covers to be inserted on the Ultra-Lite Kiln for firing Keum-Boo and PMC Aura 22. 


Recommended for your beehive or studio kiln as it gives you a full range of temperatures for many successful firings. 10 Identified temperatures from 1550F to as low as 850F. Comes with a 6’ cord. Use with the 120V Kilns.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items