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New Bill Struve .999 fine silver clay

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Clay-Bond Plusª is a silver-containing solder that is used to join silver, bronze, copper, and brass articles. It is a powder that contains not only silver, flux, and other proprietary ingredients, but also a binder.


New, 2019 improved FS999 The newest edition to the .999 fine silver family *Not suitable for torch firing

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FS999 Fine Silver slip/paste form ready to use in a convenient syringe. Includes 3 tips. Ideal for adding details and findings to your designs, making repairs, adding parts and pieces in the wet stage, greenware and post firing. Embed findings and CZs with FS999 syringe.


New improved formula for 2019 - we know you will love it! Brand new .999 silver clay from the makers of EZ960, Bronzclay & Copprclay *Not suitable for torch firing.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items