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We are selling these left over Hadar clays for one of our instructor/friend

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200 grams of traditional flex brilliant bronze. Clearing out the stash. Reg. 72 US for all or 95 Cad

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Original 2 fire formula.  Quick-fire Bronze XT is a high-fire version of Quick-fire Bronze. 100 grams


Found stash of Hadar clay 2 x 100 gram bottles of bronze XT (total 200 gr)- Reg price 72 US or 93 Cad. For firing instructions please visit Hadar's Blog

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This coconut carbon is successful with ALL base metal clays. We have imported it for the success of the Canadian Metal Clay Artists. This is lots of carbon :) All discounts apply! For Coal Carbon click here


1 Jar friendly 25 gr copper, 1 jar friendly 50 gr copper, 1 jar friendly med. bronze 25 gr & 1 jar champagne bronze 50 gr.  Reg. price is 38 US or 48 cad For firing instructions visit Hadar's blog


One fire clays, 1 jar of dark champagne 50 gr, 1 jar of flex copper 50 gr and 1 jar copper clay 50 gr Reg price 54 US or 71.28 Cad


This found collection of one-fire clays are 1 jar 50 gr champagne bronze, 1 jar white satin 50 gr and 1 jar brilliant Bronze 100 gr. Reg price 72 US or 95 Cad


150 grams of rose bronze, Hadar clay. Reg. price 41 US or 54.12 cad visit Hadar's blog for firing instructions

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items