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Metal Clay Alchemist Inc. started off with one artist marketer, Carrie Steele who found Metal Clay due to frustration after some silversmithing classes. Mystified that a simple home made bezel ring with an opal took over 12 hours. There had to be an easier way.  In 2004, i started to entering in words into google like clay firing, metal firing, sculpting jewellery, clay like metal. Eventually i ran across Art Clay Silver and PMC. There was very little information on the internet at that time, all the books were in Japanese and I read in amazement that i could sculpt directly with this material and torch fire it. I was in heaven. With my teaching background i liked the standardize curriculum of Art Clay Silver and in Mid 2006, we flew a master instructor in and 3 of us. Dick Tse, Carrie Steele & Cara-Lee Ireland were taught for nearly 10 days on this wonderful new material. I decided i wanted to have an endless supply of metal clay and thought other people need to know about this amazing artist material….Thus was born our Canadian Metal Clay supply online store. We have certified well over 100 Canadian Art Clay Instructors over the years & we love helping you get into this wonderful medium.

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We guarantee to provide you with the best tools and materials and the best price possible. Sometimes certain items seem more expensive from Canadian suppliers because we purchase from the US. Benefit from our expertise importing. If you find something cheaper, we will do our best to match or beat us. Send us an email.

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We guarantee to offer you free support for your projects or troubleshooting with your clay endeavors.

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Orders are generally shipped next day. We work hard to get your product to you fast.

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