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  • September 27, 2022 3 min read

    Crystals and gems are most valued for their healing properties. Their curative effects have been known for many centuries although treatment with crystals is still recommended only when done with modern conventional medical practices.

    These fine rocks of various colors were long used as amulets, able to emit energy and enhance the body's vibrations. Whether this is true or not scientifically proven, many crystal healing practitioners and patients have testified on its effectiveness.

    • Violet/Purple – this color is related to the clarity of mind and wisdom; it is most effective in harnessing spiritual growth and awakening passion for life

    • Pink – this color is associated to love, it is most effective if you intend to make someone feel they are loved or if there are pains that need to be alleviated.

    • Clear – this color is for clarity of intuition and effective communication. Use this in moments of decision making

    • Green – this is the color for healing

    • Indigo – this color is for meditation and discernment. It is most effective when you feel blinded or hampered by negative thoughts

    • Red – this is the color of energy and is often used to alleviate depression and boredom

    • Yellow – this color is for controlling the activities of the mind. Use this when you feel indecisive in your life's direction

    • Blue – this color is associated with peace, so you may use this when you feel restless, anxious or nervous

    • Black – this is most powerful for all the colors are within, this will help you gain insight on all possible decisions or situations in life

    • Orange – this is associated with friendliness and influence. This would be useful in times of insecurity.

    How to Choose Your Crystal

    You can choose a crystal by intuition. When you look at the variety of crystals, you would often find one that automatically grabs your eye. If you don't feel any connection by sight, try touching the crystals. Some could be cold to the touch and some warm, whatever feels comfortable in your hand could be the one. Since you already know the crystal colors and their meanings, you may choose one according to what you think you would use it for. You can buy an array of them in different colors that you can use on specific occasions.

    Caring for Crystals

    Vibrations and energies can be left imprinted on a crystal so have it cleansed first when you buy it. You would need to neutralize whatever energies are left on the crystal by others who may have touched it. Then you are now free to impress your personal intentions so that the energies of the crystal would be faithful to you.

    You may use salt to cleanse the crystal. Just leave it submerged in a container of salt for about 24 hours. However, never use salted water to clean crystals as they can discolor the crystals if you do so. Also, to freshen up your crystal's energy, wash it with water and place it under the sun or play soft, flowing music to remove any negative energy that may have attached to the crystal.

    There could be many reasons why you would want to buy a crystal. Before doing so, make sure that your intentions are clear. Will you use it for therapeutic purposes? Or will you be using them as accessories? Anyway, you want to use them is up to you, but remember that crystals and gemstones have energy, and they will continue to emit energies regardless of how you use them. So, choose a crystal that's not just aesthetically pleasing, but one that you feel is rightfully yours.